Fall / autumn nail polishes


Hello everyone!

I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read, like, comment and share my posts and welcoming me into the blogging world. Autumn is here and it was about time I shared my nail polish picks.

Nude is definitely on trend for fall this year and I am so glad I found a few in my collection.


1 Terracotta 2 Boca Mocha 3 Shiny Penny 4 Nude Now All by Sally Hansen

I am really loving Terracotta at the moment, it is the perfect nude for darker skin tones in my opinion. It goes well with any outfit which is a bonus. Nude now is flattering on most skin tones as it is less pigmented than Terracotta. Shiny penny is such a gorgeous bronzed colour, which reminds me of the look that leaves have during autumn.

1 Plum Night – Revlon  2 Shrinking Violet – Revlon  3 Bewitched – Sally Hansen

You can never go wrong with dark nail polishes for autumn and winter. Superdrugs DARE magazine mentioned that black is back on trend. I was delighted to read that as black goes with everything, but I feel like it is too early in the season to wear such a dark color. That is why I went for Bewitched, Plum Night and No Shrinking Violet!


Silver Screen – Revlon   Eel Skin – Sally Hansen

Nirvana – Sinful Colors  Stormy – Revlon

To add a bit of color to this selection I went for the colors below.

Cockatail Party – Sally Hansen  Tate – Nailsinc

Emerald City – Revlon  Gorgeous – Sinful Colors

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Which 3 nail polishes are your favourite?

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8 thoughts on “Fall / autumn nail polishes

  1. moonstone34

    Love your nail polish stash! You’ve got a great selection of colour.
    Darker shades are my go to colours for fall and most of the year. I’ll have to give Sally Hansen’s Terracotta a try because I can never seem to find the perfect nude polish that actually looks good against my skin tone😣

    xo, jackie

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rawresilience808

    I’m really loving a hunter green, nude, or griege nail for the Fall season! I’m in need of updating my nail polish collection and on the hunt to find some new faves. Got a few I wouldn’t mind checking out. Thanks for sharing!


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