Elf makeup brush review

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Hello everyone!

I remember buying my first set of makeup brushes online like it was yesterday. I was so excited to improve my skills. I was looking for an affordable set of brushes. I didn’t know what brushes to get, what I should look for in a brush set and  the disadvantage of buying online. Buying makeup brushes online is hard because you can’t feel the brushed for yourself.

I went ahead and bought myself a set of brushes on eBay. What I noticed first was the strong smell, I am not sure what caused them to smell like they did. When washing the brushes, I noticed colour coming off of the hairs of the brush as well as some shedding.

This occurred every time I washed them, and the performance wasn’t great. Shortly after buying them, the brush and the handles of some of the brushes broke off. At this point I needed to find great brushes without breaking the bank. I came across Elf brushes on YouTube and I was pleased I ordered.

I first ordered a few brushes, to try them. I was so impressed after testing them that I placed another order to get more. Their brushes are so soft, there is very minimal shedding. You definitely get your moneys worth. Elf don’t test their products on animals which is a bonus.

I have owned these brushes for over three years now, and they are still looking great. It is important to take care of your brushes. Make sure to not use hot water when cleaning them, as this will cause the glue to melt.



I personally use the Elf Complexion Brush to apply or to remove powder.



The Elf Powder Brush is amazing! Although it is a power brush, I really enjoy applying liquid foundation with this brush. If you are looking for a foundation brush that will give you a  flawless application without breaking the bank, you should give this brush a go.


The Elf Kabuki Face Brush is such a soft and lovely brush to have in your makeup bag. It comes in very handy when you are out and about, and you need to touch up.



Elf’s Blush Brush has to be my second favourite brush. Both the shape and the size of the brush is perfect to apply blush. I really like how it picks up product, because of the shape of it, it is very simple to apply blush on the checks.


The Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush is the only brush that seems to have different shapes. However it picks up eyeshadow very nicely to pack on colour on the eyelids.


The Elf Smudge Brush can be used to apply eyeshadow on the bottom lash line.


The Elf Professional Blending Eye Brush has a good size, as I find some blending brushes to be too big to work with.


The Elf Professional Eye Crease brush is also the perfect size to work in the crease of the eyelids to give more definition to an eye makeup look.

I highly recommend Elf makeup brushes as it is great for beginners as well as for everyday use. The quality of the brushes are great and they last a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you use Elf Makeup brushes? Which ones are your favourite?

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