Vatika DermoViva Honey Moisture Boost Face scrub review


Hello beauties!

As I have oily skin, it is important that I exfoliate when required. It gets difficult to find a scrub that is not too harsh on the skin, that doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry. I incorporated the Vatika DermoViva honey moisture boosting face scrub to my skincare regiment for almost a month now.

Vatika is known for their hair care products. They now have a new skincare range which the Honey Moisture Boost Face scrub is a part of. Their products contain natural essential oils and plant extracts suitable for all skin tones and skin textures. It is designed to target specific problem areas, such as oil control, dry skin but also the signs of ageing.


The first time I used the product I was surprised by the texture as it felt like jelly with little orange beads in it which I thought where micro beads. The orange beads actually burst and disappear during the scrubbing process.

Like any other scrub, it is important to apply the product on moisten face. Massage the product gently on the face while avoiding areas such as the eyes, then rinse thoroughly.

As the scrub is very gentle, it can be used every other day or 2-3 times a week, which is convenient for my skin type. The scent of the product is so lovely and refreshing. It contains honey which helps with moisture, almond to protect moisture-barrier as well as aloe vera which helps to retain water in order to give a smooth feeling to the skin.

After exfoliating my skin feels smooth, soft and moisturised. Keep in mind that you have to use the product on a regular basis to see results, as this product is gentle on the skin. This product gets rid of dead skin gently. So if you are looking for a gentle face scrub the Honey Moisture Boost Face scrub is the way to go.

Have you tried the Vatika DermoViva Honey Moisture Boost Face scrub or any of the new skincare range from Vatika?

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