Hello beauties!
Like everyone I get spots, it gets difficult to control them and even though I am getting older they just keep coming, one after the other. I discovered the Aavantage spot control moisturiser over a month ago in my PINK PARCEL Box. Since then I haven’t stopped using it. It really helps to control spots and helps to prevent them.
PINK PARCEL is a monthly subscription box, which contains all the essentials you need for the time of the month. Doesn’t it not make you feel a lot better when you know you will be getting a delivery which will help you get through that unpleasant time of the month? I really enjoyed mine, especially because I found the Advantage spot control moisturiser. To me, it is a must have during the time of the month.
The moisturiser can be used daily and it is also oil free. It contains spot-fighting ingredients. It is designed to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Advantage spot control moisturiser is one of my current favorite skincare products. I use it twice a day, I like to apply this product after I cleanse my face in the morning. At night, I like to apply my oils and serums first before I apply this moisturiser.
I wish this product was available when I was in secondary school. I’d always get spots on my forehead and cheeks. If you are a teenager, this moituriser could be very helpful.
Even though I still have dark blemishes on my face, since I use this product my makeup looks more flawless because my face is smooth.
Do you use the ADVANTAGE SPOT CONTROL MOISTURISER? I’d love to know how it worked for you.

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